When individuals leave their normal country of birth to either work or permanently emmigrate elsewhere complex tax rules come into effect. It is necessary to look at the tax law in the country of birth, the tax law in the new country that he/she enters and the double taxation agreement if there is one in place. The complexities of these interacting tax laws gives rise to planning opportunities. We deal with and have extensive experience with individuals who are based worldwide as well as foreign individuals living in the UK. Once again the earlier the advice is sought the more scope there is for tax mitigation.


We deal with predominantly American and European companies that are trading either with or within the UK and help them to plan the most effective structure to minimise their exposure to UK tax. Several of our international clients have UK subsidiaries trading in the UK for which we supply a complete range of services to enable them to comply with all UK tax legislation.

We also act for and advise UK businesses on exporting goods and services throughout the world. We are able to advise on the UK tax and VAT implications of cross border trading and have a number of contacts throughout the world who can help with the local tax position in a particular country.