Unfortunately HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are carrying out more and more tax enquiries into taxpayers’ affairs.

Tax investigations and conflicts with HMRC are stressful, time consuming and a very worrying experience. A major enquiry can seriously disrupt a business and can be very intrusive.

Most tax investigations begin because HMRC have reasons to believe that some aspect of the tax return submitted by either an individual or a business is wrong. HMRC do however also select at random a proportion of tax returns for review every year.

In cases where minor amounts of income have been undeclared or where there are small errors on the return form this can normally be resolved quite easily with a few telephone calls and perhaps an exchange of letters.

Where, however, tax evasion has been carried out which is defined as the deliberate failure to pay taxes, or the more serious action of tax fraud has occurred, which is defined as wilfully attempting to evade payment of taxes, HMRC will make extensive enquiries including the possibility of requesting information from banks, accountants and other third parties. It is important that you obtain professional advice in this connection as early as possible and we have extensive experience in this field and are able to provide expert help and support.

We specialise in resolving any tax investigation in the most efficient, cost effective and timely manner possible.